Opening an E-commerce Store and its misconceptions

E-commerce is the buzz word in the modern era and according to an estimation $4.5 million e-commerce sales is expected in retail by year 2021. With that kind of craze towards e-commerce and m-commerce, it has become inevitable for business to go digital and open their own eCommerce stores as the future would all belong to eCommerce. Already with both spouse working, it has become quite difficult to find time for people to visit physical stores rather they prefer to order through eCommerce stores with the click of their mouse pad. One simply cannot ignore the ease and advantages attached to it. Giant marketplaces like amazon and eBay only add to the ease of customers and competition for online retailers. 

If one is a little bit educated or aware of the latest trends across the globe, then it is certain that he/she would want to open his own e-commerce store. Is it an easy task ? Of course, it is, and all you need is a laptop or a tablet to begin with creating your own e-store and start selling but the question is " Is it so cheap that any one can get started and make huge profits". The answer is no, it is not that cheap. Surely, there's no need to invest in a brick-and-mortar location to sell your custom-made sneakers or rent out an office but there are things you need experts for, otherwise, you can make your store but not make sales at all. 

There are a few misconceptions about starting an e-commerce business which we will discuss that will eventually help you make better decisions. If you're considering starting your own store or selling through global marketplaces, make sure to ask others or research properly as to the process of starting up, and the financials involved. 

1. E commerce business costs nothing

This is wrong notion that one can just start e-commerce business without investing and earn millions. Rather while it is true that you don't have to pay for a physical location, nor you have to buy an infra but digital space in itself is an infrastructure for that and as all good things it comes at a cost. For all practical reasons, you need to take the help of experts for building your store to have optimal functionality which comes at a cost. Second, you would have to maintain your store on a regular basis. So, in short, you would need eCommerce web designing, eCommerce product upload services, eCommerce catalog processing, image editing, order processing services, and many more. So, you would have to calculate and plan your budget to manage all this for being a successful seller online.

Most of the investment for an e-commerce business takes place upfront in the "build process," although it's suggested to take an idea of the costs involved throughout the lifespan of your business (such as shipping costs and monthly domain amounts). The beginning stage of planning your business is a great time to understand your sales funnels and how much funds will be needed to stay afloat.

2. "If you build it, you will earn profit."

No it does not happen that way. Rather, after building the store, it is more essential to market just as you need banners and advertising for physical store, similarly, you need to spend your budget on digital marketing for your store for substantial time period so that it gets searched on various search engine. That will eventually lead to sales. Even if you build a startling website with all features and products, the marketing and traffic generation components of starting an e-commerce business cannot be compromised. Yes, your business is available to anyone on the World Wide Web...if, and only if, they find it.

For these marketing tasks, you can simply outsource your digital marketing to any result oriented company which can do the tedious back linking tasks for your site and help you in getting ranks. 

3. You necessarily need to make your own website from scratch
No, this part is not necessary to start selling online. You can get started simply by making your account on various marketplaces like amazon, ebay, sears, rakuten, alibaba etc. Here you will significantly reduce costs for setting up your store. But still you need to do the formalities for account creation and then you would need help in multi-channel product upload services including amazon product upload services, ebay product upload etc. In addition, you will need to enter the details meticulously, and write fresh descriptions to make your product page stand out. Also, you need to optimize your product pages on amazon and ebay to sell better. All this would require cost and you can calculate it beforehand. 

Second, you can also go for self hosted platforms which gives you inbuilt features and saves cost for your website. 
For example: If you're offering a product selection, an e-commerce hosting platform like Shopify would allow you to design your store easily and without hassle and allow you to upload product images and descriptions. It even processes shipping and fulfillment for you--down to generating the shipping label (paid online and everything!), so all you need to do is drop off your product at local UPS. You can also go for self hosted platforms like big commerce. 

It really exciting to begin an eCommerce selling journey but it is also important to know the stumbling blocks or rather the challenges in advance so that you prepare yourself better for the digital world and if you can foresee the challenges and keep the below mentioned things in mind, the day will not be far when you would start selling and making billions of your eCommerce business. So take the first step and keep moving diligently by taking support of experts at all levels and capture the increasing eCommerce market.

Author: Aumtec Solutions

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