Which Marketplace is Better: eBay Vs Amazon

The hot questions these days to an eCommerce seller is to decide which marketplace to list their products on for quick sales. We try to compare the two giant marketplaces to answer your query.

Amazon is considered as the biggest eCommerce platform in the world. The huge advantage is obviously tremendous market size and public reach which makes your product visible to a large audience. But at the same time, its rules are stringent tough to follow for amazon product listings. Amazon is found to be a more expensive to sell on than eBay for sellers. But then, it gives you a wider reach to your customers. The way of working is such that amazon groups all sellers of same product into one listing while on the other hand eBay gives more leverage to the online sellers and you can create your own listings even if that product is already being sold by 50 more sellers. Amazon is unarguable the winner and has huge market in USA specially North America compared to eBay but recent data suggests that outside North America, eBay has actually done better than amazon in international selling in countries like UK.

Moreover, the categories you are selling also tell you which marketplace could be your cup of tea to begin with. The bestselling items on eBay are found to be car parts, phones and accessories, clothing, shoes and watches etc. While on Amazon, highest selling categories remain electronics, books and movies, jewelry, shoes etc. Hence, It’s actually difficult to figure out which is a better marketplace but you need to take your own decision as the answer would be different to different sellers.

Finally, one thing is very clear from the discussion that if you can list your products on both eBay and amazon, you could well be in seventh heaven. But for people, who cannot afford to sell on both platforms, they have to choose consciously and if they want to go for bigger market with more expense, amazon is your perfect destiny as it leads all marketplaces and provides stiff competition to Google also and if you want less costly product listings and less stringent rules for their optimization selling, eBay would be your pitch to play on. Connect me manish@aumtecsolutions.com

Author: Aumtec Solutions

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